3Shape Launches All-New TRIOS 5 Wireless Intraoral Scanner


Today, 3Shape unveiled TRIOS 5 Wireless, a brand-new, cutting-edge intraoral scanner that will make it simpler than ever for dentists to transition to digital dentistry.

A revolutionary intraoral scanner, the TRIOS 5 Wireless delivers the highest level in imaging performance and infection control. Its brand-new ScanAssist intelligent alignment technology is packed in a redesigned small and hygienically optimised scanner.

TRIOS 5 Wireless is our smallest and lightest scanner to date and is perfectly balanced to fit comfortably in any hand. It has over fifty advancements in use and design.

An unprecedented level of scanning simplicity is provided by TRIOS 5 Wireless. Digital impression taking is now faster and smoother than ever thanks to an LED ring and haptic feedback. You may now scan your patients in any direction you desire by designing the most efficient scan path thanks to ScanAssist technology, which eliminates misalignment and distortion in 3D models.

The FDA-cleared, closed autoclavable scanning tip on the TRIOS 5 Wireless establishes a new standard in cleanliness. It is covered by scratch-free sapphire glass. Additionally, it has single-use sleeves that are almost invisible, tight, and ultra-thin to cover the scanner’s body and reduce the possibility of cross-contamination.

“At 3Shape, we have strived for perfection through five generations of intraoral scanner evolution. Using state-of-the-art scan software and artificial intelligence to deliver sharper colors, improved accuracy, and increased efficiency, we believe TRIOS 5 surpasses all expectations. With its ergonomic and well-balanced look inspired by classic Danish design, TRIOS 5 Wireless simply, makes sense,”

Jakob Just-Bomholt, 3Shape CEO

Our smallest and lightest intraoral scanner to date is simply ergonomic.

The most efficient scanner 3Shape has ever produced is TRIOS 5 Wireless. The pen-grip scanner’s sleek design and perfect balance make it easy to hold in either hand. With a weight of just 10.6 ounces (with battery) and a length of just 10.5 inches, the TRIOS 5 is 30% more portable. In contrast, some rival scanners can weigh up to 16.5 ounces and extend to more than 13 inches. Additionally, you may scan from any PC in your clinic using TRIOS Share to take your TRIOS 5 wherever you go.

  • Weight – 10.6 oz incl. battery and scanner tip (300 gm with battery)
  • Length – 10.5 inches (26.6 cm)
  • Scanner height x width – 1.52 x 1.47 inches (3.85 x 3.74 cm)
  • Includes TRIOS Share enabling you to scan and plan with your TRIOS 5 Wireless from any PC anywhere in your practice using Wi-Fi

Introduces clever alignment technology to make things simple.

The ScanAssist engine, which is at the centre of TRIOS 5, uses sophisticated alignment technology to make scanning even simpler. The integrated LED ring and haptic sensory feedback, which guide you while you scan to make digital impression-taking easier and quicker, will be appreciated by dental professionals. In fact, TRIOS 5 makes intraoral scanning so simple that you can design the scan route of your choice.

  • Optimize your scans while you scan, guided by LED ring and haptic feedback, and driven by the all-new, robust ScanAssist engine that minimizes misalignment and distortion in 3D models to make impression-taking so simple that you can create your own scan strategy or scanning routine.
  • All-day battery life with Smart Power Management that automatically switches TRIOS 5 to sleep-mode to save energy when not in use. Up to 66 minutes of scan time per battery
  • Precision 3D models with no need for a calibration tool – that means you no longer need to calibrate your scanner every 14 days like with other intraoral scanner models.
  • LED ring and haptic feedback guide you while you scan to make scanning easier.
  • Two-button design for improved software navigation and scan analysis.

A new benchmark for patient safety and infection prevention is called “Simply Hygienic.”

The intraoral scanner design is reinvented by TRIOS 5 Wireless. It has no crevices or cracks where dirt or pathogens could collect because it is hygienically sealed all the way to its battery input. The FDA-cleared autoclavable tip is enclosed in a sapphire glass window to establish a reliable microbiological barrier between the patient and scanner. To further guard against contamination, TRIOS 5 Wireless also comes with single-use body sleeves that cover every surface the operator touches.

  • FDA 510 K cleared enclosed scan tips provide a microbial barrier for the scan tip. Tips are autoclavable up to 100 cycles.
  • Ultra-thin, snug, and near-invisible single-use body sleeve shields the scanner body and reduces risk of cross contamination.
  • Scanner body has been designed for easy cleaning and disinfection.

You may access digital dentistry at your convenience thanks to 3Shape Unite.

The 3Shape Unite platform comes free of charge with the TRIOS 5 Wireless scanner, as it does with all 3Shape TRIOS scanners. The most open and collaborative platform in the dental industry, TRIOS and 3Shape Unite effortlessly connect you to over 2000 dental businesses, treatment options, practise management systems, and labs. In order to increase patient acceptance of their treatments, doctors can also make use of the 3Shape engagement apps that come free with TRIOS 5 Wireless. Even novice users won’t have any trouble scanning their patients with TRIOS 5 Wireless because it is so simple to operate.

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Two TRIOS service agreement choices are available to TRIOS 5 Wireless owners: TRIOS Care, which offers intensive onboarding, in-depth training, unlimited support for practitioners, as well as express replacement if your scanner is damaged, and TRIOS Only, a scan-ready free service agreement with no monthly fees. The most well-known intraoral scanner in the world, TRIOS 5, is a fifth-generation model from 3Shape that features unmatched clinic-to-lab processes, award-winning design, and industry-leading scanning experiences.

TRIOS 5 Wireless includes:

  • TRIOS 5 Wireless intraoral scanner
  • Free 1 year of TRIOS Care (full-service pack)
  • 3Shape Unite – open dental platform
  • 5 scanner tips + 1 protection tip
  • 3 batteries and charger
  • License dongle
  • Wi-Fi dongle for PC
  • 100 single-use body sleeves
  • Carry box
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