ABEC announces an $11 million investment in a new manufacturing facility in North Carolina


A $10 million investment will be made by ABEC, a global provider of technical solutions and services for the production of biotech goods, to increase its disposable container (DC) manufacturing capacity. Your CSR biomanufacturing solutions should only be used once. The business has a facility in Wilson, North Carolina, that is more than 4,645 square metres in size and sits on 5.2 hectares of land. It will include an ISO-7-certified clean room and cutting-edge production machinery. It is anticipated that the new facility, which will be ABEC’s third manufacturing facility for disposable packaging globally, will be fully operational early in the second quarter of 2023.

In comparison to competing single-use products currently on the market, ABEC’s CSR technology is displaying substantial cost and performance advantages. With large-scale technology and performance at all sizes similar to conventional stainless steel and stirred tank systems, including the inherent ability to reach the conditions required for the newest processing, ABEC has revolutionised single-use processing. very dense. Additionally, ABEC is the only vendor to provide complete freedom in DC and equipment design for productivity optimization, as well as an open architectural strategy to give total client control over their supply chain and equipment lifecycle. As a result, CSR is becoming widely adopted by all biopharmaceutical business segments.

ABEC currently supplies CDs to customers worldwide from ISO-7 clean rooms in Fermoy, Ireland, and from its headquarters in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA. ABEC’s single-use manufacturing capacity is devoted to CSR goods. The installation of the plant in Wilson, North Carolina will guarantee that ABEC keeps providing the quickest CD lead times in the sector. In Wilson County, ABEC intends to generate 251 positions for highly qualified individuals like engineers and manufacturing staff. At all of its locations, including those in Springfield, Missouri, and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, ABEC actively seeks out talented individuals to join its team.

“We are pleased that the industry recognizes the value of our CSR products and we are excited about our investment in Wilson”, “We are looking forward to establishing new and long-term partnerships in this area and supporting our customers around the world from this new location,”

Scott Pickering, CEO and President of ABEC

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