American Psychiatric Association Launches, a New Collection of Spanish-Language Mental Health Resources


La, a website dedicated to presenting Spanish-language information and resources regarding mental health and substance use disorders that are culturally competent and evidence-based, was launched today, according to the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

Resources on five of the most popular mental health diseases are available on the new website: depression, domestic violence, stigma, substance use disorders, and suicide. As new mental health disorders emerge in the future, will continue to host information about them.

“The impetus behind this effort was to address the glaring need for evidence-based mental health and substance use disorder information available in Spanish”, “Our goal is not simply translate the information we already had into English, but collaborate with our member psychiatrists who are part of the Spanish-speaking community in the United States to develop information and resources that are culturally relevant and that a broad section of the Hispanic and Latino community can understand it easily.”

Rebecca Brendel , MD, JD, APA President

Informational text, quizzes, expert Q&As in print and video, infographics, print handouts, animated explainer films, and other materials are all hosted on is a bilingual site with content in both English and Spanish, for a Spanish-speaking population. New content will be added to the website on a regular basis.

The Hispanic and Latino psychiatrists who are members of the APA, where Spanish is the native tongue of the majority, worked with the organisation to build the website and its content. Hector Colon-Rivera, MD, a psychiatrist who belongs to the American Psychological Association, and Amalia Londono Tobon, MD, co-manage the Working Group, which will continue to direct the creation of the website’s content.

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