Bayer to Accelerate Drug Discovery with Google Cloud’s High-Performance Compute Power

Drug Discovery

Google Cloud and Bayer AG today announced a partnership to advance early drug discovery. As part of this partnership, Bayer will use Google Cloud’s Tensorflow Processing Units (TPUs), which are specialized accelerators made to run cutting-edge machine learning models and computationally intensive workloads, to speed up and scale its quantum chemistry calculations.

In-silico modelling of biological and chemical systems is made possible by the theory of quantum mechanics when it comes to computer-aided drug development, and this capability has the potential to aid in the identification of new therapeutic candidates. The collaboration’s goals are to demonstrate comprehensive quantum mechanical modelling of protein-ligand interactions and to scale up quantum chemistry calculations using Google Cloud’s TPUs. The outcomes will establish whether large-scale density functional theory calculations are economically and scientifically viable for use in practical applications.

“Bayer’s aspiration to be among the leading innovators drives us to continue to invest in novel and disruptive technologies to solve complex problems”, “Partnering with Google Cloud on TPU powered quantum chemistry complements our ambition to work with industry leaders and experts to quickly deliver on digital transformation.”

Bijoy Sagar, chief information and digital transformation officer at Bayer AG


“Accelerating drug discovery may be one of the most important applications for AI and high-performance computing in the healthcare industry”, “Bringing Bayer’s powerful research and development capabilities together with our industry-leading infrastructure has the potential to unlock new discoveries—with greater accuracy and speed—helping to get new medicines to patients faster.”

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud

The core of Bayer’s innovation strategy is improving R&D efficiency to hasten the discovery of effective medications for patients in need.

“By combining Google Cloud’s computing power with Bayer’s leading expertise in drug discovery we intend to unleash the potential of large-scale quantum chemistry” “Working with industry leaders and pioneers to leverage scientific advancements fueled by digital innovations is essential to the present and future of patient care.”

Marianne De Backer, Head of Strategy, Business Development & Licensing/Open Innovation and Member of the Executive Committee, Pharmaceuticals Division at Bayer AG

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