DotCom Therapy Launches New Wolf+Friends Mobile App for Children with Special Needs


The most complete paediatric teletherapy provider, DotCom Therapy, today announced the release of a new mobile app for iOS and Android devices that connects professionals and parents of children with special needs on a single social platform. With the use of the new Wolf+Friends app, parents may communicate with other parents of children with special needs, licenced paediatric therapists, and other professionals to help them make decisions about their children’s education, health, wellbeing, and future.

The recent acquisition of Wolf+Friends by DotCom Therapy has resulted in the release of the new Wolf+Friends app, which has the distinct capacity to combine peer assistance with professional resources. This launch provides a solid basis for the merged companies’ potential to be realised.

“It’s critically important for parents – especially those with children of special needs – to have a support structure that includes direct access to evidence-based resources and recommendations. There’s too much misinformation in the world, and as a therapist myself, I’ve seen the detrimental impact it can have”, “Wolf+Friends already has a long track record of fostering a successful and vibrant community, and with DCT’s expert clinical support, and the launch of this new app, I know we can make it even stronger.”

Rachel Mack Robinson, president and founder of DotCom Therapy

The new Wolf+Friends app makes it possible for families on comparable life journeys to connect and communicate with one another. Members can connect, ask questions, give advise, join small groups, take part in challenges and discussions, and attend monthly community social events thanks to the app’s features.

The app also gives families access to expert resources like a monthly support group led by a mental health professional, “Ask the Expert” sessions where they can submit questions and get direct responses from clinical experts, on-demand workshops, original articles and podcast episodes, and expert-curated product guides. Families can learn more from these materials about a variety of parental and child development issues, including behaviour, food and nutrition, mental health, speech and language development, executive functioning, special education procedures, and more.

To accompany the new app launch, Wolf+Friends is taking over production of DotCom Therapy’s podcast, Helping Kids Thrive. The podcast provides expert insight into child development, special education, mental wellness, parenting, and more to help children thrive. Wolf+Friends leadership will enable podcast episodes to be even more intertwined with the needs of parents in its community.

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