Faster Access To Patient Data : Veeva Introduces New Epro Application

Faster access to patient data
Faster Access To Patient Data:

A significant development in patient-centric digital studies, Veeva ePRO was just made available, according to Veeva Systems. The programme enables sponsors and clinical trial sites to access the data in real-time and makes it simple for patients to complete assessments using a mobile device or online browser. Trial teams can utilise ePRO to exchange high-quality data across the clinical environment as part of a linked clinical trial platform, enhancing transparency and collaboration.

The length of time required to complete a research, repeated requests for information, and the time required to enter data are reportedly the largest obstacles to patient retention. By providing a cutting-edge, user-friendly Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) application, Veeva ePRO enhances the patient experience.

Additionally, the application facilitates customer and study centre study activities. Clients can send ePRO and schedule definitions to research sites and construct their studies utilising survey and instrument libraries. In this way, study sites can quickly assign tasks, get timely reports, and monitor patient progress without requiring the use of additional programmes or systems.

“Veeva ePRO was designed to meet the needs of patients, sites, and clients, and is connected for end-to-end execution”, “For Patients at Veeva to develop modern digital applications with our customers that help the life sciences industry to conduct patient-centric digital studies.”

Tim Davis , Vice President of Strategy, MyVeeva for Patients at Veeva Systems.

The industry’s first cloud platform that combines the management and operations of clinical data, Veeva ePRO is a component of the Veeva Vault Clinical Suite.

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