GigXR and ANIMA RES Partner to Scale Mixed Reality Anatomy Content for Healthcare Learners Globally


GigXR, a global provider of eXtended Reality (XR) solutions for healthcare training, and ANIMA RES, leading 3D medical animation and interactive virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR) and augmented reality (AR) specialist, announced today that they have partnered to deliver XR training to higher education and healthcare institutions.

The partnership will integrate ANIMA RES’ award-winning Insight Series into the GigXR Immersive Learning Platform to allow learners to see high-quality 3D holograms of the heart, lung, and kidney respectively in mixed reality. They will also be able to view different disease states and their impact on the organ being studied. Insight Heart, Insight Lung and Insight Kidney, powered by GigXR, will begin rolling out starting Summer 2022.

Extending Hyper-Realistic 3D Healthcare Training on a Global Scale

ANIMA RES’ holograms are differentiated by their hyper-realistic appearance and accurate structural movement. For example, for the heart application, learners can observe a myocardial infarction (heart attack) arterial hypertension and atrial fibrillation and see an accurate version of how the heart muscle is affected, something that would not be possible with 2D training methods or even in a cadaver lab.

“Mixed reality anatomy holograms combine the ‘best of both worlds’ of analog and digital healthcare training,” said Rodrigo Olmos, CIO and Co-Founder at ANIMA RES. “After all, learners are going to treat live humans. Using an accurate, high-fidelity simulation of a living body while training, rather than a corpse or a simulation puppet, helps tremendously to understand the complexity and fascination of the human body and make their learning experience so much more valuable. We know from studies how important detail is: the higher the level of detail in life-like organs, the greater the learning experience.”

“By partnering with GigXR to bring our hyper realistic holograms onto their platform, we are able to expand across key verticals, such as higher education, and scale our geographic reach to match GigXR’s global footprint in this sector,” added Pablo Olmos, CEO and Co-Founder at ANIMA RES.

Merging World-Class Medical Training and Expertise for High-Quality Learning

ANIMA RES’ Insight Series applications has a long, successful history in leading 3D interactive content creation. It has been presented in an Apple Keynote in 2017 and won various awards like the German Medical Award. After thorough and constant development, the Insight Series will now be delivered on the GigXR Immersive Learning Platform which also hosts hyper-realistic healthcare training applications created in partnership with world-class medical education experts at institutions such as the University of Cambridge, Michigan Medicine and Northwest Permanente P.C.

“ANIMA RES has astounding technical virtuosity which has already proven to be pivotal to bringing mixed reality teaching and training to the forefront of healthcare learning,” said David King Lassman, GigXR Founder. “We are thrilled to partner with ANIMA RES to enable a seamless and user-friendly implementation of our learning solutions and expand our robust content library that continues to match the quality and criteria of the partners who are building the future of healthcare training with us.”

A single set of login credentials will allow users to access all of the applications on the GigXR platform, no matter who the developer is, simplifying access and centralizing curricular resources. This also creates a streamlined procurement process for institutions looking to add mixed reality to their toolkit. GigXR’s applications target healthcare learners across disciplines and levels, from preclinical nursing students to medical professionals seeking continuing education.

Streamlining Accessibility and Reach for Healthcare Partners and Professionals

The partnership is a key milestone in GigXR’s development of a 360-degree teaching and training library that offers comprehensive resources for all disciplines and stages within healthcare education. GigXR’s Immersive Learning Platform, a simple, powerful SaaS platform makes it easy for educators and learners to use extended reality in their day-to-day curriculum.

“The value GigXR creates for all the stakeholders on our platform is something we’re incredibly proud of”, “Our platform and applications delivered on it – whether developed by GigXR or one of our partners like the Insight Series – are minimizing friction for the adoption of this medium that we feel strongly improves the quality of learning for any institution across healthcare and higher education while also reducing their costs and operational burdens. Our partnership with ANIMA RES – who can now add their products to our platform through SDK – is an incredible example of how the extended reality community can come together to enhance training in the real world.”

Jared Mermey, CEO at GigXR.

GigXR and ANIMA RES plan to debut Insight Heart by ANIMA RES, powered by GigXR in summer 2022. Insight Lung and Insight Kidney applications will follow. For more information on GigXR, head to For more information on ANIMA RES, visit

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