Healthcare Technological Advancements in Evidence-Based Medicine


As healthcare providers move away from their paper-based comfort zones and into a digital environment or ecosystem that includes dashboards, visualization tools, and, in some cases, uncertainty, HIT adoption has been slow. The transition from paper to digital HIT is getting easier as more healthcare providers learn the principles of technology and informatics, as well as how data can be used to influence practice and policy, says Sreenivasan Venkata Patnam, Senior Business Analyst, Cigniti Technologies Inc.

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ACCORD 2022 Interdisciplinary Conference on Drug Sciences

The goal of the Interdisciplinary Conference on Drug Sciences, ACCORD 2022, is to integrate scientific and industrial activities that focus on different aspects of drug research. The conference will provide participants with a unique opportunity to examine the broad context of this research, going beyond scientific fields and various disciplines. May 26-28, 2022 […]