IHL Care launches ‘Digital Health Centre’


IHL Care launches ‘Digital The ‘hPod’ brought by IHL Care is a self-service ATM size health station. It is capable of screening (20+) essential vital parameters. The large chunk of corporate employees in India are deprived of cardiovascular screening and timely treatment, and in dire need of a holistic Heart Health Programme to complement the current Corporate Wellness offerings.

To cater to the emerging needs, India Health Link (IHL) – a medical device and wellness care company based out of Bengaluru has launched a digital health centre.

The ‘hPod’ brought by IHL Care is a self-service ATM size health station. It is capable of screening (20+) essential vital parameters including key parameters like blood pressure, temperature, body mass composition, pulse, SPO2, and ECG, without any paramedic assistance.

Dr Satyender Goel, Founder & CEO, India Health Link, says, “Health Score is an indicator of the health of an individual, and we envisioned to have every Indian, all 1.3 billion+, open their health account with the help of hPod. This health screening Kiosk will help get a preliminary check-up done instantly. Additionally, we have developed an integrated Heart Health Programme to complement Corporate Wellness.”

Dr H K Chopra, Eminent Cardiologist International Repute, President-World Wellness Foundation, Chairman, CME – Moolchand Medcity said, “Heart wellness from inside out is the need of the hour during Covid times for enhancing Corporate Health. There is a rising trend of anxiety, fear, confusion and panic during this Covid Outbreak. Most individuals have to face a lot more stress to sustain their job, financial insecurity. Negative stress leading to increased liberation of cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine thereby enhancing upsurge of hypertension, heart attack, palpitations, weight gain due to reduced activities, faulty eating habits, disturbed sleep pattern responsible for heart illnesses.”

Dr Chopra further adds, “Most individuals are not able to go for periodic check-ups further adding to heart diseases besides proinflammation and prothrombotic enhancement by stress and Covid itself. A time has come that every individual and corporate pay attention to have a paradigm shift to Heart wellness to enhance individual, corporate and our Nation’s health. Smart Heart is Smart Corporate and Smart India.”

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