ILC Dover announces the European launch of the Sentinel Clear XE™ PAPR


Sentinel Clear XETM Active Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR), a product of ILC Dover Inc., a company that specialises in novel single-use solutions for biotherapeutic and pharmaceutical processing worldwide and personal protective equipment (PPE), has been introduced in Europe. The device is perfect for shielding employees in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities from exposure to harmful airborne particles and builds on the success of the Sentinel XTTM Clear variant supplied in North America.

Sentinel Clear XE™ PAPR features include:

  • the top defence in its category. For businesses using highly potent active medicinal substances, safety is of the utmost importance (APIs). According to EN 12941 certification, the Sentinel Clear XETM PAPR provides TH3 protection, the highest level available.
  • a hood that is transparent and has a 320-degree field of vision. The hood’s 360-degree visibility increases operator safety and lets the wearer have facial hair or a cap, which lowers claustrophobia and makes it easier to recognise and communicate with others.
  • An effective blower that is lightweight and powerful for better comfort and ventilation. When fueled by the ILC Dover lithium polymer battery, the XE blower produces 220 litres of air per minute of airflow for a full 12 hours. The gadget is wearable on a belt clip or adjustable back strap, weighs only 1 kilogramme, and has a quick release buckle for simple removal.
  • Security warnings To improve wearer safety, the blower continuously checks airflow and has low flow and low voltage visible and audio alarms.
  • flexible breathing tube that makes use easier. Even more flexibility is provided by the breathing tube to guarantee maximum airflow during all user movements and activities.

The European launch comes at a time when the company is experiencing unprecedented growth in the life sciences space and entering new markets such as B. the liquid processing and the chemical industry occurs.

“The Sentinel Clear XE™ PAPR is a significant advancement for operators processing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and we are pleased that our customers in Europe will now have access to this innovative system”, “Our PSA solutions are a good example of how ILC Dover not only responds flexibly to the ever-changing healthcare landscape, but also offers broader workflow solutions for our growing Life Sciences customer base. As we have responded to the immense demand during of the Covid-19 pandemic, our PPE solutions continue to improve the safety and productivity of our customers around the world.”

Corey Walker , CEO of ILC Dover

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