Strategizing Forward Around Optimizing the Patient Experience


Going forward, patient care organization leaders are strategizing forward based on some of the lessons they’ve learned from operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. A number of key insights have emerged around what kinds of interactions patients, as healthcare consumers, want, from clinicians, other caregivers, and everyone in the healthcare delivery system. And the leaders of the leading-edge patient care organizations are reengineering the patient experience in order to satisfy patients and their families and to create a more seamless experience for them. On this panel, industry leaders will talk about what the leading edge is in this area, and where the entire concept of “the patient experience” is headed in the next few years.

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Patient Engagement Trends and Best Practices

Wearables, including health trackers and remote patient monitoring devices, are set to become “must-haves” in the delivery of healthcare. But plenty of barriers still remain, from data quality, to integration between devices and systems, to patient privacy and engagement. Those on the leading edge of innovation, however, believe that the […]