Validation and its Approach to Healthcare and Life Science Applications

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One of the major goals and the most concerning things for any healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, which they always struggle to maintain the balance and try to sort out, is safety. When it comes to what exactly needs to be validated, as per the FDA’s ICH 21 CRF Part 11 requirements, all software in the computer system used in GxP activities must be validated, says, Anusha Chowdary, Senior Business Analyst, Cigniti Technologies.

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Tele-ultrasound with Philips Collaboration Live - Intra-hospital Cardiology

Watch how Dr. Saloux, cardiologist at the CHU de Caen in Normandy, France, uses Collaboration Live to enable access to care via tele-medicine with ultrasound, remotely consulting with colleagues in the Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery departments, transforming the delivery of healthcare.
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