Acxiom and DeepIntent Introduce Direct Data Integration to Optimize Healthcare Marketing Reach, Impact, and Performance

 Acxiom, the global leader in customer intelligence, today announced its strategic integration with DeepIntent, the healthcare advertising platform.Healthcare brands, marketers, and agencies can use DeepIntent’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) to directly access Acxiom’s exclusive health interest audiences, detailed, HIPAA-compliant health-related interest data, and advanced analytics, increasing healthcare interest marketing campaign speed, engagement, and conversions.Key Features Include:Seamless Data Pipeline: Direct one-to-one matching between Acxiom’s comprehensive, high-value datasets powered by InfoBase and DeepIntent’s advertising tools reduces discrepancies and boosts campaign precision, activation, and engagement via DeepIntent’s Audience Marketplace.Sophisticated Planning Tools: On-demand audience creation, optimization, and real-time campaign planning to maximize audience quality across channels before a dollar is spent via DeepIntent’s platform.Rapid Campaign Execution: Instant access to and activation of Acxiom’s custom and syndicated health interest audience segments speeds up the campaign planning to deployment process, especially beneficial in the fast-paced healthcare interest market.Real-Time Optimization: Continuous campaign adjustments against DeepIntent Outcomes™ performance metrics like audience quality and script lift, maximizing marketing ROI, efficiency, and effectiveness.Cookieless Technology: Prioritize privacy and efficiency, offering a robust, cookieless advertising solution that ensures broad reach and compliance amid tightening regulations. Extended Benefits to Consumers and the Healthcare Industry:Driving Health Equity: By connecting with underserved populations more effectively, this integration ensures vital health interest information reaches diverse patient and provider groups, promoting better health outcomes across all communities.Innovating Ad Tech: In response to market demands for more adaptable and integrated solutions, this partnership highlights the shift toward open, customizable platforms that can serve a wide array of healthcare interest marketing needs.“In an era where data-driven decisions are paramount, Acxiom and DeepIntent’s integration not only accelerates our client’s ability to deliver personalized health messages but also embodies our commitment to innovation and excellence,” said Sean Muzzy, CEO of KINESSO. “Leveraging this cutting-edge platform, we can craft a future where every marketing interaction is an opportunity to positively impact patient health outcomes. Together, we are not just reaching audiences; we are touching lives and fostering a healthier world for all.”Chris Paquette, CEO of DeepIntent, added, “Recognizing the importance of partnerships, we’ve embraced an ‘open architecture’ approach that allows our partners to leverage their data assets and build solutions that more dynamically address our client’s specific needs. Our partnership with Acxiom enhances our ability to serve Kinesso clients more effectively, allowing us to co-create and become the infrastructure for future healthcare solutions. This collaboration is pivotal as we continue to innovate and lead in delivering impactful healthcare advertising.”“We are thrilled to partner with DeepIntent and combine our collective strengths to redefine healthcare interest marketing,” said Martin Wexler, SVP of Channel Partnerships at Acxiom. “This integration underscores our commitment to provide marketers with the advanced tools they need to amplify patient engagement and outcomes by ensuring crucial health information is accessible when and where it matters most.”