CVS Health Tips in a Minute: Heart Health

Hitesh disease is the leading cause of death for women, according to the American Heart Association – but it is preventable. Learn the major risk factors of heart disease and how to measure your blood pressure at home from MinuteClinic Nurse Practitioner Tara Allain.

Neuroscience Expo: Migraine and Brain Health


Rebecca Erwin Wells, M.D., MPH, FAHS, neurologist in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, discusses migraine and brain health. Topics include: – Strategies to improve brain health in patients with migraine – Options and opportunities for patients with migraine This presentation was a part of the Norton Neuroscience Institute Neuro Expo an annual […]

What’s new from RSNA 2022


In this first webinar you will hear from David Spagnoli, the Upstream Product Marketing Leader at Philips who will set the stage for the webinars to follow in this series, while providing a brief overview of the latest innovations from Philips MR as a follow-up to RSNA 2022.