Bio-Rad Acquires Curiosity Diagnostics


Scope Fluidics, S.A., a Warsaw, Poland-based developer of innovative technology solutions for the medical diagnostic and healthcare markets, has agreed to sell all of Curiosity Diagnostics, Sp. Z. o. o.’s outstanding shares to Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. for a total consideration of up to $170 million, consisting of roughly $100 million in cash and the remaining $70 million in warrants.

A sample-to-answer, rapid diagnostics PCR system is being developed by Curiosity Diagnostics, a late-sta

“We are excited to have the Curiosity Diagnostics team join Bio-Rad’s Clinical Diagnostics Group and to work closely together to bring a new generation of rapid PCR systems to market”, “Curiosity’s PCR platform, PCR|ONE, offers a streamlined workflow and rapid turnaround times, and is expected to extend our reach beyond high-complexity labs into near-patient molecular diagnostics labs.”

Dara Wright, Bio-Rad’s EVP and President, Clinical Diagnostics Group


“Our passion at Scope Fluidics is developing innovative technologies addressing the greatest challenges in global health. The dedicated, entrepreneurial team of highly skilled, specialized personnel of Curiosity Diagnostics is looking forward to further developing the PCR|ONE technology under Bio-Rad’s leadership while we at Scope Fluidics continue to pursue new and current projects in disruptive medical diagnostics.”

Professor Piotr Garstecki, Scope Fluidics President and co-founder

For the markets of clinical diagnostics and life science research, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. is a world leader in the development, production, and marketing of a wide variety of innovative products. Over products help progress scientific research and healthcare thanks to our 70 years of focusing on quality and client satisfaction. Universities, research centres, hospitals, biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms, as well as commercial laboratories that test for environmental and food safety make up our clientele. Bio-Rad, a California-based company, will generate $2.9 billion in revenue in 2021 and employ 7,900 people globally across its network of facilities, which is based in Hercules.

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