Jogan Health Set a Precedent for Private-Public Healthcare Partnerships


Jogan Health has pioneered unique public-private partnerships with public health agencies. The result? Better performance at lower costs for local governments and the communities they serve.

We’ve really set a precedent as a private healthcare company working with local government agencies and school districts. “We’ve also proven that we can help our partners in public health overcome challenges and have greater success in managing healthcare during times of need.”

Dan Dietrich, President of Jogan Health

Offering healthcare staffing, vaccination and testing services and a full range of public health services, Jogan Health has proven to be a dependable and effective partner to hospitals and healthcare agencies in several states, including Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico and Washington.

Following its mission to “care for caregivers and care for communities,” Jogan Health has administered more than 1 million COVID vaccine doses, set up more than 4,000 mobile clinics and helped staff more than 200 facilities with healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One example of a successful private-public partnership was between Jogan Health and the public health agency in Douglas County, Colorado. In that partnership, Jogan Health was able to assure residents access to a wide range of healthcare services during the peak of the pandemic.

In Douglas County alone, Jogan Health was able to:

  • Maintain a minimum 90% COVID-19 case contact rate
  • Respond to over 34,000 cases of COVID-19
  • Manage 63 outbreaks of COVID-19

Dietrich explained that Jogan Health is excited to expand this public-private partnership model nationwide to help public health agencies thrive.

“Through these partnerships, we were able to accomplish remarkable things to serve public health agencies and the people who rely upon them,” he said. “It has been rewarding to see the results and we will continue to build relationships and partnerships. Our plan at Jogan Health is to be prepared – and help our partners be prepared, too.”

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