Revision Skincare® Announces Strategic Partnership with RVL Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


A partnership between Revision Skincare and RVL Pharmaceuticals, Inc., maker of UPNEEQ, the first and only prescription eye drop for people with acquired ptosis (low-lying lids), was announced today. RVL Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

This strategic agreement brings together two innovative disruptors in the skincare and aesthetics sectors who are both committed to giving patients results of the highest calibre. The partnership unites two game-changing businesses to provide more accessible solutions to aesthetic patients and providers nationally thanks to common values and aspirations for company growth as well as a growing footprint.

Revision Skincare has been a pioneering physician-dispensed brand for more than 20 years. This professional skincare brand creates clinically verified, high-potency products that protect, treat, and enhance the skin by using unique technologies, peptide research, and proprietary technologies.

As another business committed to ensuring the best possible patient health, RVL Pharmaceuticals supplies the right patients with a nonsurgical treatment for acquired ptosis that, with UPNEEQ, yields results in as little as five minutes.

“We know that RVL Pharmaceuticals has a lot of choices when it comes to commercial partnerships. We are excited to join this mission with RVL to offer breakthrough patient solutions,”

Maria Carell, CEO, and President, Revision Skincare

Through their collaboration, Revision Skincare and RVL Pharmaceuticals hope to increase access to ground-breaking products including UPNEEQ, RevoxTM Line Relaxer, and D’EJ Eye Cream. The two businesses intend to work together on a range of marketing initiatives inside the medical aesthetics sector, addressing large unmet consumer demands.

“We are thrilled to partner with Revision Skincare! Their strong history of innovation and passion for skin health aligns with our core directive around ocular medical aesthetics,”

Brian Markison, CEO, RVL Pharmaceuticals

As consumers, patients, and healthcare partners turn to Revision Skincare and RVL Pharmaceuticals for answers to their patients’ medical aesthetic concerns, they have an unyielding dedication to innovation. Contact the business of a nearby aesthetic skincare specialist for further details.

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