Telemedicine and Digital Health


Meetings International extends immense pleasure and honor by inviting you to attend the “Webinar on Telemedicine and Digital Health” scheduled for June 24, 2022, which will be focusing on the theme “Digital Health Management on Covid -19″ to enhance and explore knowledge. Telemedicine 2022 gathering offers various interesting freedoms to improve your vocation. You can learn new ways to deal with clinical practice, tweak your abilities, work with best-in-class innovation and gain from experts at the bleeding edge of clinical development.

June 24, 2022 | 10:00 AM GMT

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On the path to digital maturity

Healthcare is undergoing enormous digital transformation in the aftermath of the epidemic, but what outcomes should we be aiming for and how can we assess success along the way? As Europe’s health systems recover from the COVID crisis, the significance of accelerating digital maturity has never been more clear – […]