The Conference for HR Leaders in Healthcare


As the US population grows and ages, skilled talent pools are shrinking as nurses and doctors are feeling burned out. The current historic Great Resignation requires creative solutions to talent shortages, investing in building a talent pipeline, and being more intentional and innovative with employee engagement and retention.

October 24 – 25, 2022 | Hyatt Regency Austin, TX

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Biohaven Announces Record Date for Anticipated Spin-Off

The previously announced spin-off by Biohaven of its subsidiary Biohaven Ltd. (“SpinCo”), which will own the Kv7 ion channel activators, glutamate modulation, myeloperoxidase inhibition, and myostatin inhibition platforms, preclinical product candidates, and some corporate infrastructure currently owned by Biohaven, has been given a record date of September 26, 2022 (the […]