VeriSilicon introduces the VeriHealth comprehensive chip design platform for intelligent health applications


VeriHealthTM, a configurable end-to-end chip design platform for healthcare applications, has been launched by VeriSilicon (688521.SH), a leading SiPaaS (Silicon Platform as a Service) business. VeriHealth provides a complete solution for wearable health monitoring, including all processes from chip design to platform-level reference application development, and is based on VeriSilicon’s patented low-power IP series and cutting-edge SoC customisation capabilities. VeriHealth provides a wide range of alternatives with adjustable configurations for customers and supports several levels of licence and bespoke design services, including software SDK, algorithms, intelligent hardware, and applications.

The VeriHealth platform offers chip design solutions based on VeriSilicon’s low-power BLE IP, mixed-signal chip design platform, and high-performance, low-power ZSP digital signal processing IP, all of which considerably increase algorithm efficiency while lowering chip power consumption. The platform also has a scalable software platform that supports a multi-tiered software framework design with drivers, hardware abstraction, middleware, and application layer, as well as firmware SDK, mobile SDK, and mobile reference apps.

More than ten independently created algorithm modules for health and exercise physiology are available on the VeriHealth platform, together with a machine learning and deep learning framework. Customers can take advantage of this by getting an algorithm platform that can be quickly developed and then expanded upon to suit a variety of application scenarios, such as the care of young infants and the elderly, exercise tracking, virus prevention, etc. VeriHealth can also offer a variety of reference solutions. VeriSilicon has created apps for the iPhone, Android smartphones, and iPad in addition to two other types of smart jewellery: the bracelet and patch.

“With the development of digital healthcare, more and more people are using wearable devices and smartphones for real-time health monitoring at home to make their life easier in terms of primary healthcare”, “With its chip design platform for healthcare applications, VeriSilicon has helped customers develop industry-leading chips for healthcare monitoring, gene sequencing and capsule endoscopy. We have also set up a laboratory for smart medical treatment and healthcare innovation together with a university to facilitate industry-university collaboration, and organized a successful VeriSilicon National Embedded Software Contest to increase student understanding of the chip industry and support the development of healthcare industry talent. VeriSilicon will continue to contribute to the development of healthcare and the intelligent healthcare ecosystem in the future.”

Wiseway Wang, senior vice president, general manager of System Platform Solution Division and Design IP Division at VeriSilicon

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