Agilent Technologies and Bright Giant GmbH Declare Collaboration: Innovation for Identification


A new product development partnership between Bright Giant GmbH and Agilent Technologies has been announced. It is intended to improve non-targeted metabolomics processes utilising AI-based techniques and enable scientists to make important new discoveries.

This partnership intends to bring together Agilent’s cutting-edge mass spectrometry technology with Bright Giant’s experience in artificial intelligence solutions for small molecule research. In metabolomics as well as fields like environmental analysis and pharma, quick, completely automated compound identification continues to be a key barrier to the discovery of novel bioactive molecules. The identification of new pharmacological leads is greatly aided by the structural elucidation of these compounds, which immediately facilitates toxicological and ecological screenings.

Paramount for the success of modern analytical chemistry research, is the interplay between data generation and data interpretation. “By combining the high data quality of Agilent’s modern instrumentation with our decade-long research on AI methods for small molecule annotation, we will pave the way towards expanding the realm of chemical knowledge beyond what is currently possible”

Prof. Sebastian Böcker, professor for bioinformatics at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena and Co-Founder of Bright Giant.


“Agilent recognizes the growing desire for non-targeted metabolomics, environmental analysis, and pharma solutions”, “The Böcker Lab have proven best-in-class tools for structure elucidation with mass spec data, and Agilent has collaborated with them for over a decade. We are excited to further strengthen our commitment to state-of-the-art algorithmic solutions, to continuously provide our customers with the highest level of analytic tools.”

Jennifer Gushue, associate vice president of MS Marketing, Mass Spectrometry Division at Agilent.

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