Aktana and Envision Pharma Group Partner to Help Navigate Medical Affairs in Changing Physician Engagement Landscape


Envision Pharma Group, a global, technology-based science communication company active across multiple areas of medical affairs, and Aktana, the market leader in intelligent customer engagement for the life sciences sector, today announce a strategic partnership that will give medical teams access to a full toolkit for more efficient scientific exchange. Envision and Aktana give life science firms the capacity to enable their Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) to satisfy the demands of healthcare professionals for individualised content by combining their substantial technical and industry experience. and coordinated, multichannel interaction that is both scientifically relevant.

Today’s HCPs anticipate that MSLs will function with a comprehensive understanding of their interaction with the product, notwithstanding the industry’s division of the commercial and medical teams. The majority of medical business organisations still lack the appropriate tools to deal with the twin challenges of information overload and dwindling access to HCPs, despite the fact that many life sciences companies have already started to prepare their technology business teams to synthesise data and coordinate cross-channel interactions.

“MSLs are in a difficult position learning to balance traditional and modern digital strategies to engage with physicians in an environment where they are being asked to answer questions faster and more frequently”, “With Envision, we can help MSLs by optimizing their engagements with HCPs to be more relevant, coordinated, and responsive to their individual needs, whether digital or in-person.

Derek Choy, president of Aktana

Envision’s cutting-edge scientific know-how and Aktana’s intelligence platform, which is supported by a variety of integrated data sources and gains knowledge from every interaction, will be combined to offer medical affairs teams streamlined, customised solutions. These solutions will be powered by Aktana’s platform and Envision’s cutting-edge scientific know-how. Through this agreement, MSLs will have quick, dependable access to the most recent scientific findings that are pertinent to all healthcare professionals. They will also have data-driven knowledge of how, when, and where to communicate this knowledge to maximise engagement.

“Like us, Aktana has a long history of helping life science companies of all sizes break down data silos, connect internal teams, and generate insights to improve interactions with HCPs”, “Together, we will focus on guiding medical affairs teams as they develop, deploy and refine their omnichannel strategies so MSLs can deliver value to HCPs when they need it most to improve patient outcomes. 

“We look forward to a long-term partnership with Aktana as we take the next steps toward our shared vision of a powerful solution that integrates all touchpoints across the HCP journey.

Paul Archer, Chief Commercial Officer. at Envision

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