CureScience™ Institute Launches Bioinformatics Training


CureScience™ Institute, a San Diego, California based non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to accelerating cures based on a combination of diagnostic, immunological and regenerative approaches, proudly announce that Prof. Igor Tsigelny, who recently joined CureScience™, will initiate an educational program in bio-informatics for undergraduate and high-school students. His long-time collaborator Prof. Valentina Kouznetsova will join him. The Summer Scholars Program (SSP) invites students with a strong interest in science to spend eight weeks at CureScience™ Institute.

Students will be exposed to “hands-on” experience with CureScience scientists to conduct original, innovative research projects in areas such as: cancer biology, drug design, computational biology, infectious disease, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and more. In addition to original research, students will get to explore scientific careers.

There can be two levels of applicants: undergraduate students and high-school students. Students must meet the following criteria:

1) be at least arising senior in high school (i.e. students can apply their junior year)

2) attend a high school in the San Diego County area

3) have earned a B or better in science and math class

4) must demonstrate excitement for science!  The program includes lectures and individual mentoring.

Igor F. Tsigelny is a Research Professor at the Department of Neurosciences of UC San Diego, having long time collaboration with San Diego Supercomputer Center, and Moores Cancer Center,. He is a world-known expert in structural biology, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, using AI for drug design and treatment, and structure-based drug design. He has a Ph. D. from the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He was a postdoctoral fellow in the University of California in the laboratory of Susan S. Taylor from 1992–1995. Dr. Tsigelny is the author of over 200 scientific and mentored the UCSD programs for undergraduate and high-school students for several years.

Valentina Kouznetsova is a Research Professor at UCSD (San Diego Supercomputer Center). She studies molecular mechanisms of various diseases including cancer, diabetes, and neurological disorders. She is an expert in computational drug design. She developed drugs for treatment of Parkinson’s disease and glioblastoma that were licensed from UCSD and are in development in industry. She is an author of more than 50 scientific papers including publications in Nature and Science series of journals, 3 books, 8 book chapters, and 13 patents.

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