Aurigene Discovery Technologies Limited Announces Drug Discovery, Development and Commercialization Partnership with EQRx


The collaboration combines Aurigene’s small molecule drug discovery platform and EQRx’s pioneering business model to accelerate the development of drug candidates in the areas of oncology and immune-inflammatory diseases and improve global access to innovative medicines.

Under the terms of the collaboration agreement, Aurigene and EQRx will collaborate on drug discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development and commercialization. Aurigene will lead drug discovery and pre-clinical development efforts, and EQRx will assume responsibility for clinical development, manufacturing, regulatory and commercialization efforts. The parties would share both funding for the discovery and development of the programs and financials resulting from the commercialization of any eventual drug candidates.

“This agreement with EQRx further validates Aurigene’s proven expertise in discovery and preclinical development of novel therapeutics and moves Aurigene forward into building a global oncology franchise participating in the end-to-end value chain”, “We are excited to collaborate with EQRx and contribute to developing and delivering innovative medicines to patients at more affordable prices.”

Murali Ramachandra, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Aurigene


“We are pleased to partner with Aurigene to expand our future pipeline and accelerate the discovery of next-generation therapeutics”, “Our combined efforts will focus on some of the most high-impact therapeutic targets across oncology and immune-inflammatory diseases. Given our mission, we believe these future programs hold the potential to create important treatments for patients and drive meaningful savings for healthcare systems around the world.”

Carlos Garcia-Echeverria, PhD, chief of Rx creation at EQRx

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