BioChain announces partnership with Nanostring to provide Spatial Multiomics Services


BioChain Institute, (“BioChain”) a leader in high-quality processed bio-sample products is excited to adopt GeoMx platform to provide digital spatial profiling services.

 “It gives us a great sense of pride to include GeoMx into our portfolio of services”, ” We will support academic and biopharma researchers seeking to leverage Nanostring’s robust single-cell and spatial technologies to power new therapeutic discoveries and accelerate drug development”.

BioChain’s Director of Business Development, Dr. Vidyodhaya Sundaram.

Spatial biology has become a versatile and invaluable method for normal, diseased, and tumor samples. Considering the spatial proximity of cells within a tissue sample alongside differential gene expression analysis offers a more comprehensive picture of disease development, key driver mutations, and possible therapeutic targets.

Incorporating single-cell and spatial capabilities into large-scale clinical research studies can help biopharmaceutical companies predict resistance to therapies in cancer patients, analyze end-point molecular readouts in cancer trials, understand correlative immunological responses to drug therapies, or examine the molecular mechanisms behind vaccine-elicited cell-mediated immunity, among other applications.

Scientists at BioChain have undergone comprehensive training and evaluation by team of scientific experts and are now fully equipped to deliver high quality spatial multiomics services.

The field of spatial biology has seen immense growth in recent years. Address new complex biological questions. Spatial transcriptomics and spatial proteomics have been termed the “new frontier” in molecular biology due to the enormous promise of new discoveries and diagnostics.

BioChain has been the leading front in providing human and animal tissues for over 20 years as well as histopathology services. We offer an extensive selection of FFPE, frozen tissues and tissue sections from a wide variety of hard to obtain sources. All FFPE tissue sections are IRB approved and retrieved from consented donors. In addition, we are one of the few to provide RNA, DNA, and proteins from these same tissues. Overall, our products are not only used by researchers in life science and drug discovery but also by CLIA labs and diagnostic manufactures in bulk and OEM.

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