Bugworks Research Inc. and Cytecare Cancer Hospitals announce collaboration to accelerate the development of cutting-edge Immuno-oncology therapies


Cytecare Cancer Hospitals and Bugworks Research Inc., a biopharmaceutical business in the clinical stages, today announced the beginning of a groundbreaking partnership. Bugworks has established a specialised research unit within Cytecare, a company dedicated to providing the finest care possible for cancer patients. Bugworks creates best-in-class, new therapeutics for infectious diseases and cancer.

The collaboration of a top drug discovery pioneer and a cutting-edge cancer centre holds the potential to save countless lives. Patients all over the world will have access to unique remedies thanks to Bugworks’ drug discovery engine and Cytecare’s superiority in producing the best clinical results.

“We are excited to partner with Bugworks Research, in this inspiring endeavor to discover novel treatments for different types of cancers. In 2016, we started with the vision of building the country’s best institution for cancer care, supported by India-specific research data. At Cytecare, we are committed to provide the best possible treatment to patients and support cutting-edge research. We strongly believe that affordable and accessible immuno-oncology therapies can come from India and be made accessible to all patients. This collaboration heralds a brave new beginning to a healthier future.”

Suresh Ramu, Co-Founder & CEO, Cytecare Cancer Hospitals

The focus of Bugworks’ current immuno-oncology research is on modifying the tumour microenvironment, which includes adenosine antagonism. This field of study has implications for a wide range of solid tumours. Before moving on to first-in-human clinical investigations, the therapeutic candidates from this research will go through translational testing on patient-derived tumours in the ex vivo facilities at Cytecare.

“We are discovering highly differentiated, novel small molecule immunotherapeutic agents that target the immunosuppressive and tumour-promoting microenvironment. The ex vivo laboratories at Cytecare Cancer Hospitals, as part of our collaboration, will greatly aid the translation of our research to high percentage successful clinical outcomes.”

Dr. V. Balasubramanian, Co-Founder and COO, Bugworks

Currently, immunotherapy is a key component of the toolkit for cancer treatment. Even though they are only effective for a tiny subset of patients, the currently approved drugs do certainly save lives. The strategy taken by Bugworks in partnership with Cytecare Hospitals presents fresh opportunities to raise the proportion of patients who would benefit from these life-saving immunotherapies. The current partnership is a modest but important step toward transforming India into a biotech powerhouse.

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