CORA Physical Therapy Launches New Digital Platform for Patient Convenience


Today, a new digital platform for patients was launched by CORA Health Services, Inc., doing business as CORA Physical Therapy, a top-10 national operator of outpatient physical therapy clinics. The platform aims to streamline procedures, shorten wait times, and serve as a one-stop-shop for patients’ scheduling needs.

Patients can make appointments with any of CORA is more than 250 sites in real time using the platform, which is accessible through the CORA website. Patients can also get notifications for registration reminders and appointment reminders.

“When booking travel, paying bills or shopping online, consumers can typically access all the information they need in one place and get what they need with just a few clicks. Seeing a therapist or a doctor, on the other hand, often requires calling the office for an appointment or requesting a day/time and having to wait for a confirmation”, “CORA’s new online scheduling is the most robust and one of the first-of-its-kind for the physical therapy industry that allows patients to book appointments in real time.”

“This new platform helps to connect patients to the right care at the right time in the right location”, “Our patients are going to see more applicability of digital tools within CORA that will make the process easier for them and accelerate their direct access to physical therapy and care.”

Javier Othon, PT, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of CORA

In order to provide patients with seamless access to the physical therapy clinic teams, the new patient-facing technologies are a component of CORA’s larger digital transformation strategy. Patients can use the platform to schedule their initial evaluation visit with CORA.

A better patient experience and adopting a more consumer-oriented strategy are key priorities, according to the majority of health system officials polled, according to a survey conducted by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions last autumn. Ninety-two percent of those executives expressed the optimism that “digital transformation” will lead to improved patient experiences, much like CORA has done with its new online scheduling platform.

“In developing this new online scheduling service, the team at CORA did considerable research on products available. We also developed a task force representing disciplines throughout the company to ensure that all internal systems were taken into consideration and that the best interest of patients remained foremost in the process”, “Both the thoroughness of the product and ease of use for patients were important driving factors in the development”, “The goal is to make the experience more personalized and seamless and meet patients where they are.”

Ahmad Malik, Senior Vice President of IT & Chief Information Officer of CORA

The new digital platform for scheduling is a component of CORA’s overall digital environment, which aims to increase easy access to high-quality care for all patients. Through a collaboration with MedBridge GO, CORA offers an app that shows patients how to perform exercises in videos, encourages patients with daily reminders and attainable goals, and monitors their progress toward a full recovery. Even when patients are unable to see their clinician in person, the app provides a safe, dependable way to help them advance with therapy and recovery.

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