DXC Technology rolls out global initiative to support neurodiversity in the workplace

DXC Technology rolls out global initiative to support neurodiversity in the workplace

The DXC Dandelion programme, which aids neurodivergent people with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other neurological problems in developing their professional careers in the IT field, is being expanded by DXC Technology, a top Fortune 500 provider of technology services.

DXC is now launching the effort across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region following the success of the programme in Australia and New Zealand. Based on a 12-month test programme, the UK will launch first, followed by Bulgaria, Poland, and the Philippines.

Jobs in a variety of sectors, including data analytics, software automation, user experience, and cybersecurity, are now available at the new locations.

The DXC Dandelion programme was introduced in Australia in 2014 with the goal of establishing employment opportunities and career trajectories for neurodivergent individuals in the IT industry. DXC has made the programme accessible to persons of all abilities who are driven to work in technology, and there is no prerequisite for participation in terms of past professional experience. DXC offers participants jobs as well as technical and vocational training, as well as professional support from qualified consultants.

“Neurodivergent people often have an extraordinary ability to think visually and pay attention to detail. These are valuable skills, especially in areas of IT such as cybersecurity and data analytics. By creating a fair and positive work environment and providing the right supportive framework, we are giving DXC Dandelion participants the best opportunity to succeed.”

Michael Fieldhouse , Social Impact Practice Leader at DXC Technology APAC, responsible for the DXC Dandelion Program

Numbers for the Dandelion DXC programme:

  • More than 200 people currently have access to job opportunities.
  • Job retention rate of 92%.
  • 30–40% more work gets done overall by teams taking part in the programme.
  • 17 international awards show that it has been honoured by organisations in the sector for its contributions to the creation of socially good initiatives.
  • Awarded a score of 100% for the company’s accomplishments in disability and inclusion during the last three years, earning a spot on the Global Disability Equality Index’s list of top-rated businesses.
  • In the UK, a trial initiative was started in 2021, offering 15 neurodiverse people job possibilities.
  • Working on client projects is an option for participants. As an illustration, the UK Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), which has a DXC contract to support the Information Management Services 4 (IMS4) programme, employs 4 individuals to test software and improve user experience.

“As we continue to grow, it is important that we invest in the communities where we do business and recognize the positive impact of diversity in the workplace. That is why we are spreading DXC Dandelion across Europe and around the world, helping neurodivergent individuals unleash their unique talents and bring success to themselves, DXC and our clients.”

Chris Halbard, President of DXC Technology, EMEA

working with NGOs

With order to increase the reach and impact of the DXC Dandelion Program and to assist in the identification and selection of individuals who could benefit, DXC Technology collaborates with non-governmental organisations, foundations, and educational institutions.

“Disparities in employment participation rates for neurodivergent people is a global issue that deserves our concerted attention”, ” Cornell University is pleased to partner with DXC Technology as the DXC Dandelion Program advances globally to make information about these targeted neurodiversity recruitment initiatives more widely available through a partnership for an online portal that share related program information.”

Susanne Bruyere , Professor of Disability Studies, Academic Director, Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability, Cornell University ILR School.

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