Eudora Medical Center, LLC Selects eClinicalWorks Intelligent Cloud EHR


In order to benefit from real-time cloud intelligence and offer data-driven decisions at the point of treatment, Eudora Medical Center, LLC, a family medicine practise in Mississippi, has switched to the eClinicalWorks Cloud EHR, according to eClinicalWorks®, the biggest ambulatory cloud EHR.

“We selected the eClinicalWorks Cloud EHR to leverage its search capabilities at the point of care, which will help us gain deep clinical insights and provide better value-based care. We wanted the best cloud EHR IT and solution partner to help reach our practice goals”, “With this cloud technology, we will be able to access key data securely—even during unexpected challenges—streamline operations, and reduce costs associated with management of traditional hosting models.”

Amy Perkins, Nurse Practitioner at Eudora Medical Center

The eClinicalWorks Cloud gives enterprises scalability and flexibility to meet future expansion while also offering real-time zonal and regional redundancy. Additionally, practises may gather and compute patient data from all sources, explore new features for AI and machine learning, and deploy applications more quickly. Recently, eClinicalWorks committed $110 million to Microsoft Azure in order to keep developing cloud services.

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