Exscientia and MD Anderson Launch Strategic Collaboration to Leverage AI in the Development of Novel Oncology Treatments

Novel Oncology Treatments
Exscientia and MD Anderson Launch Strategic Collaboration to Leverage AI in the Development of Novel Oncology Treatments

Exscientia plc and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center today announced a strategic partnership to advance new small molecule oncology therapies by combining artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities with Exscientia’s patient-centric approaches and MD Anderson’s expertise in drug discovery and development.

Based on collaboratively discovered therapeutic targets, this research cooperation will leverage Exscientia’s precision medicine platform to find new cell-intrinsic and small molecule anti-cancer drugs. With the help of the team at MD Anderson’s Therapeutics Discovery division, promising candidates will advance development. Successful target discovery programmes may be the focus of proof-of-concept clinical trials at MD Anderson, according to the collaborators.

“We are driven by the desire to develop the next generation of oncology treatments capable of delivering relevant benefits and improving the lives of our patients”, Discovery and Head of the Institute for Applied Cancer Science (IACS) at MD Anderson. “This collaboration is built on Exscientia’s AI-powered precision medicine platform, the power of MD Anderson’s drug discovery and development engine, and the expertise of our clinical research teams. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the time we spend on drug development and to accelerate the passage of new targeted therapies into the clinical phase.”

Philip Jones, Ph.D., Vice President of Therapeutics Division, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Exscientia will work with the IACS team to find new small molecule therapeutic agents, which is a drug discovery engine. IACS is an integral component of MD Anderson’s Therapeutics Discovery division, a team of researchers, medical professionals, and experts in drug development that works to advance pertinent new treatments.

“We are incredibly proud to work alongside MD Anderson to leverage our AI-powered platform in the discovery of next-generation cancer treatments. Artificial intelligence has opened up new possibilities in cancer research , allowing us to use multiomics deep learning in our precision medicine platform to test potential drug candidates in Exscientia’s patient tissue models”, “Furthermore, our platform has the potential to stratify patients even in the early discovery phase

Professor Andrew Hopkins, D.Phil., Founder and CEO of Exscientia.

Exscientia and MD Anderson will each make a joint contribution to each designated programme in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

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