Exscientia wins the Prix Galien USA 2022 Digital Health Solution Award

Prix Galien USA 2022

Exscientia plc is proud to announce that its AI-based platform for precision medicine has received the Prix Galien USA 2022 Best Digital Health Solution. At the Prix Galen Forum in New York on Thursday, the prize was presented. The Prix Galien, which honours superiority in scientific discoveries that advance human health, is regarded as the most coveted award in biopharmaceutical research all over the world.

Exscientia is committed to creating medicines more quickly and more effectively. By incorporating primary human tissue samples into early target and medication development, the company’s functional precision medicine platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) offers a patient-first approach. The groundbreaking EXALT-1 research from earlier this year provided definitive clinical evidence that the next-generation platform, which promises to change the way medications are found and created, aids in the selection of treatments and enhances treatment results for cancer.

EXALT-1 is the first time a functional precision oncology platform has improved patient outcomes in an interventional clinical research, demonstrating the ability of one of Exscientia’s AI-discovered medications to improve cancer treatment outcomes. The end-to-end platform developed by Exscientia, which found the first three AI-designed compounds to enter clinical trials, now relies heavily on the living tissue technology employed in this study. The time and money required to develop novel compounds that can be turned into authorised medications are significantly reduced as a result.

“Our sincere thanks to the Fondation Galien and Business France for this incredible honour. Exscientia is humbled to receive this accolade and our deepest appreciation goes to our incredible team, whose vision made it all possible”, “This award is recognition of the enormous potential that AI holds to transform the way our industry discovers and develops the right medicine for the right patient. This award recognized the potential of our AI-based precision medicine platform to truly bring personalized medicine to the patient. Soon all medicines will be discovered and developed with the help of AI. At Exscientia, we pride ourselves on leading the way.

Andrew Hopkins, DPhil, Founder and CEO of Exscientia

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