Humana ranked No. 1 among health insurers for Customer Experience


In Forrester’s exclusive 2022 U.S. Customer Experience Benchmark survey, Humana won the top spot among health insurers for customer experience (CX) quality for the second year in a row. The ranking was based on responses from more than 96,000 U.S. survey respondents from 13 U.S. industries, including Airlines; Auto and Home Insurers; Auto Manufacturers (Luxury, Mass Market); Banks (Direct, Multichannel); Credit Card Issuers; Federal Government Agencies; Health Insurers; Hotels; Investment Firms; Retailers; Utilities.

Humana ranked first in offering: Humana was also named the industry leader in health insurance for customer satisfaction.

1. Clear communication, for the fourth consecutive year

2. Transparent premiums, copays and fees, for the fourth consecutive year

3. Customer service

“Our focus continues to be on building trust with our members in every interaction we have with them”, “Forrester’s recognition of Humana’s efforts to go above and beyond for our members is a validation of our strategy to always put our members first.”

Jennifer Bazante, Humana Chief Marketing Officer

The CX IndexTM score from Forrester assesses how well a business provides customer experiences that foster and maintain loyalty. Forrester’s 2022 CX Index results are based on a survey of 96,211 US consumers from 221 US brands and 13 US industries that was conducted for the seventh consecutive year. The data and insights needed to evaluate CX quality, comprehend how CX impacts loyalty intentions, and prioritise enhancements that boost revenue are provided by Forrester’s unique Customer Experience Index methodology. By lowering customer attrition and boosting share of wallet, even a small increase to a brand’s customer experience quality can generate tens of millions of dollars more in revenue. The Forrester Decisions suite of research services includes access to Forrester’s Customer Experience CX Index rankings and outcomes reports. Clients of Forrester Decisions for Customer Experience and Forrester Decisions for B2C Marketing Executives have access to the CX Index Extended Data Benchmark to help prioritize improvements based on industrywide trends and impact on customer loyalty.

“This year’s CX Index results clearly indicate that brands need to continue to be customer obsessed — putting their customers at the center of their leadership, strategy, and operations — if they want to deliver exceptional CX”, “Brands that provide strong emotional quality in customer experiences see higher CX Index scores, foster greater brand loyalty, and enable stronger customer trust.”

Michelle Yaiser, VP of CX Analytics at Forrester

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