To Improve Patient Care Healthfirst and MediSys Launch Hyphen

Patient Care
Improve Patient Care after Healthfirst and MediSys Launch Hyphen

As of today, Hyphen is being used by Healthfirst and The MediSys Health Network to combine longitudinal data from claims, quality metrics, and electronic health records (EHRs) to identify care gaps, making it simpler for doctors to respond to patient needs immediately. Hyphen is a cloud-based platform that combines analytics and predictive modelling capabilities at the patient and population levels with Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) standards to exchange member data directly into provider or hospital EHR systems.

“As a longtime partner of Healthfirst, we are thrilled to work with them, leveraging Hyphen to provide a more connected care experience and give our clinical teams greater insight into our patients’ health needs. This collaboration will strengthen our combined efforts to create a more equitable health system for the communities we serve, especially as we emerge from the ongoing COVID pandemic,”

Sami Boshut, Chief Information Officer, MediSys

Patient data may be seamlessly shared throughout the whole care chain thanks to Hyphen. Spreadsheets are not required when using Hyphen, which also sends actionable data directly into the workflows of EHRs and other platforms that healthcare practitioners and care managers use on a daily basis. All MediSys providers are eligible to join because Hyphen is accessible to MediSys through their Epic EHR system.

“To support the next phase of value-based care, healthcare delivery needs to be easier for the providers and the consumers we all serve”, “We cannot accomplish that without moving data fast and fluidly at the point of care. This is Hyphen’s ultimate goal – to modernize interoperability by giving providers the right information at the right time to truly address the needs of the patients they serve.”

GT Sweeney, Chief Information Officer, Healthfirst

In order to combine community data with medical data and provide a more full picture of a person’s health and social needs and services related to their health, Hyphen also provides applications for community-based social service providers.

The inclusion of community services to Hyphen allows partners more freedom to fill in care gaps for patients who are covered by Medicare and Medicaid as well as other patient populations who are most severely impacted by health disparities. Hyphen not only links community services to the larger healthcare ecosystem, but it also offers the technological foundation necessary for these groups to get paid for the assistance they render under the state’s waiver and demonstration programmes.

Hyphen is a fully owned subsidiary of Healthfirst affiliate HF Management Services LLC, a provider of management services.

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