Ipsen and Marengo Therapeutics Announce Strategic Partnership to Advance Two Precision Immuno-Oncology Candidates


In order to advance two of Marengo’s preclinical STAR platform-generated candidates into the clinic, Ipsen and Marengo Therapeutics, Inc. today established a collaborative agreement. The partnership will take advantage of Ipsen’s global oncology footprint and Marengo’s in-house R&D experience to develop and commercialise a novel T cell activation mechanism.

Ipsen will pay an upfront payment of $45 million as well as possible payments of up to $1.592 billion under the provisions of the agreement if all milestones are fulfilled, in addition to tiered sales royalty payments. Up until the filing of an Investigational New Drug (IND) application to the U.S. FDA, Marengo will be in charge of preclinical development efforts and will cover associated expenditures. Commercialization and clinical development will be handled by Ipsen.

Collectively, the Ipsen and Marengo teams have a proven track record of successful oncology-medicine development and commercialization to maximize the potential of candidates across a large range of cancer indications.

“Marengo’s foundational discovery of activation of T cell subsets via TCR Vβ is unprecedented and highly differentiated from the current immuno-oncology technologies we have seen”, “This partnership with Marengo provides a strong foundation for a productive and successful collaboration as we embark on a journey to develop novel and durable therapies that will strengthen our oncology pipeline and further enhance our commitment to people living with cancer.”

Howard Mayer, M.D., Executive Vice President and Head of R&D at Ipsen


“Our strategic partnership with Ipsen underscores our shared ambition to develop transformative medicines for people fighting cancer”, “Marengo brings a precision medicine approach to the field of Immuno-oncology with a focus on T cell activation and this collaboration is an important validation of our STAR platform beyond our lead candidate. Together this partnership is a demonstration of the strong progress and promise of our innovative scientific platform.”

Zhen Su, M.D., MBA, CEO of Marengo Therapeutics

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