Joerns Healthcare Introduces Respiratory Telehealth Services Through rtNOW Partnership


Joerns Healthcare, a healthcare technology and equipment services company, announced the addition of consulting telerespiratory services to its portfolio through an exclusive agreement with rtNOW. Joerns will initially leverage the respiratory services of rtNOW, which include registered, certified respiratory therapists to provide remote tele-connected delivery for proper device/therapy setup, ongoing use and troubleshooting for caregivers and clinicians along the clinical pathway. The inclusion of the rtNOW telehealth capability complements the existing BioIntelliSense remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution that is part of Joerns first-in-class Connexio™ platform.

rtNOW brings unique and comprehensive capabilities to the respiratory care field and has quickly been recognized as a leader in delivering clinician education, patient support and device training from their remote learning and support portal. Users can connect directly from anywhere with a respiratory therapist by simply clicking on a provided link. The rtNOW platform uses high quality video via a proprietary HIPPA compliant link, allowing a telerespiratory therapist to not only answer questions, but view settings on respiratory equipment, provide just-in-time education, and troubleshoot equipment issues.

“Telehealth has become essential in value-based care. We are excited to continually drive healthcare forward with these kinds of innovative services that empower providers, caregivers, their patients and families at the point-of-care, no matter where that happens to be. “rtNOW is another example of a clinical technology solution that Joerns is bringing to market that can be used standalone, or in concert with our other AI-enabled technologies, to help in the transition from a bed-centered care system to a patient-centered care ecosystem. Our partnership with rtNOW brings another powerful tool into our remote patient monitoring offering, allowing the effective and safe care of the patient anywhere.”

Doug Ferguson, chief strategy officer for Joerns Healthcare

“We are thrilled to partner with Joerns to provide long-term healthcare facilities with access to our telerespiratory therapists,” says Curt Merriman, chief sales officer at rtNOW. “We both have our eyes on the future, and the inclusion of our AI-driven services within their growing technology portfolio provides a cost-effective, turnkey, and scalable solution, further simplifying the experience for their customers.”


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