Sameday Health Launches Single Swab Test for COVID-19, Flu, and RSV


Today, Sameday Health, a national testing and wellness company, announced the availability of their single swab test for respiratory syncytial virus, influenza A/B strains, and COVID-19 (RSV). This state-of-the-art medical testing technology, already available at clinics in Los Angeles with plans to go statewide shortly, provides trustworthy results, unparalleled efficiency, and peace of mind in the midst of the “tripledemic.”

The most severe U.S. flu season in decades, the recent increase in RSV, and the emergence of novel COVID-19 mutations have been dubbed the “perfect storm for a disastrous holiday season” by the CDC. Many towns and counties across the country, including Los Angeles County, are once more promoting preventative measures, like as routine testing and donning masks indoors. Using a single swab and samples to screen for COVID-19, flu, and RSV without needing to employ additional tests speeds the diagnosis and treatment procedure, especially during the seasonal spike in indoor gatherings and illnesses.

“RSV has predominantly been a virus that negatively affects children, infants, and the elderly; as a result, most RSV tests that exist today are only approved for ages less than five. But ruling out or quickly identifying RSV can be particularly critical for children, those over the age of 65, and/or those with underlying health conditions who are experiencing a fever, runny nose, sore throat, coughing, and general fatigue”, “We knew it would be extremely valuable for Sameday Health to find a more efficient way to provide diagnoses for COVID-19, flu, and RSV without the hassle of needing three different tests. In offering this single swab test, we aim to improve individual health outcomes while minimizing negative community impact like the risk of rapid local spread and overwhelmed hospitals.”

Patrick Emad, Executive VP and Head of Clinics of Sameday Health

The new testing service uses nose swabs created in a lab to screen for the three diseases and provides findings in 24 hours. The test is available for $250 through participating Sameday Health clinics’ self-pay option, with an insurance payment option on the way soon. A licenced healthcare provider with the authority to conduct laboratory testing in line with state legislation has ordered the tests that patients purchase through Sameday Health.

Sameday Health provides a wide range of medical services, including urgent care, house calls, IV drip therapy, wellness injections, and counselling, in addition to its new respiratory flu test. Visit the Sameday Health website to schedule an appointment or learn more.

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