Slingshot Biosciences, Inc. Partners With Almog Diagnostic to Distribute Synthetic Cells Throughout Israel


Today, SLINGSHOT BIOSCIENCES, INC. announced they have expanded their distribution network through a new agreement with Almog Diagnostic, a private company founded in 1987 and active in the Israeli biotech market ever since. Almog Diagnostic produces synthetic cells that bring consistent precision and accurate control to replace inconsistent blood and tissue controls for use in flow cytometry and other biotech markets. In the areas of immunology/hematology, immunotherapy (CGT), stem cell biology, cell separation, flow cytometry, bioprinting, gene expression, molecular and cell biology, and microbiology, Almog provides cutting-edge goods and services. Since more than 13 years ago, Almog has played a significant role in the Israeli flow cytometry market with the automated MACSQuant (Miltenyi Biotec) and the ground-breaking Aurora Spectral Flow Cytometer (Cytek Biosciences), in addition to providing advanced CRO flow cytometry services.

The agreement entitles Almog Diagnostic to the right to distribute and resell Slingshot Bio’s products in Israel. Through Almog Diagnostic’s network of customers, Slingshot Bio will be able to establish its presence in the Israel market with the well-established presence and expertise of Almog Diagnostic, which has been selling into the flow cytometry for many years.

“Almog Diagnostic’s network will provide us with the market penetration needed to reach our full sales potential. Slingshot Biosciences has considered many distribution partners and we are confident that Almog Diagnostic’s extensive knowledge in the field, prominent presence, and large customer base will help us leverage our position in the flow cytometry market,”

Jeffrey Kim, CEO & Founder


Slingshot Bio’s synthetic cellular controls provide consistent, precise, and accurate control for research users in the flow cytometry space by mimicking blood properties as detected by flow cytometry. The ability to manufacture consistent controls for flow cytometry has been missing for decades and is now accurately reproducible with Slingshot Bio’s unique manufacturing platform. “As the distributor of the spectral flow cytometer from Cytek in Israel, we are really excited to collaborate with Slingshot and provide our customers the best solution for assay and instrument control,”

Nitsan Levi, VP New Technologies and Implementation at Almog

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