VeriSIM Life Announces Acquisition of Molomics Biotech


VeriSIM Life, the leading Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled, unique R&D decisions de-risker for breakthrough drug development, today announced the acquisition of Molomics Biotech, a privately-held drug discovery company that leverages proprietary AI technology to design more efficacious and safer therapeutics to achieve higher successes in clinical trials.

Founded in 2015 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, Molomics integrates AI with Human Collective Intelligence (HCI) to determine novel chemical structures with high therapeutic activity and superior pharmacological properties as developed or marketed drugs. Molomics has used this approach toward advancing the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease to develop a drug that addresses Levadopa Induced Dyskinesia, a movement disorder that affects Parkinson patients.

Molomics’ technology will seamlessly integrate into VeriSIM’s ‘virtual drug development engine’, BIOiSIM™, to further improve the success rates for the discovery, development and approval of new drugs for the most challenging diseases impacting humankind. This combined discovery and translational engine will allow pharmaceutical researchers to preflight advancements in medicine in a fraction of the time and cost it takes today and provide far better outcomes than the 8% success currently seen in medicine making it to market.

“This acquisition represents a considerable step forward in our strategy to accelerate our growth over the long term and supplement our proprietary software platform to develop effective patient therapies more rapidly and accurately than traditional methods”, “Along with advancing research in Parkinson’s Disease, we plan to cover the full spectrum of drug discovery and development for the treatment of neurological, oncological and other life-threatening diseases.”

Dr. Jo Varshney, founder and CEO of VeriSIM Life


“We are excited to join the team at VeriSIM Life and infuse an already powerful translational prediction platform with our unique and highly complementary discovery technology”, “Our early collaboration has achieved promising initial results, and we believe the best is yet to come.”

Dr. Jascha Blobel, CEO of Molomics

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