Innovative ways the healthcare industry keeps you healthy

Innovative ways the healthcare industry keeps you healthy

Innovative ways the healthcare industry keeps you healthy

The American healthcare system, according to some, doesn’t do anything for you. It increases the cost of prescription drugs, overcharges for insurance that you hardly use, and provides no preventative care. But they are mistaken. The healthcare sector keeps you healthy in a number of ways. For illustration:

the distance you must travel to and from the pharmacy each time a different pharmacist advises you to contact your insurance company to confirm the drug is covered before leaving.

Exercise your wrists before calling your insurance. These hands are not experiencing carpal tunnel.

the awareness that results from a six-hour wait for a doctor’s appointment. No other way to schedule a meditation session into the day exists.

the social advantage of collaborating with others to devise strategies for paying for medication. On r/insulin, you’ve made a tonne of new acquaintances. People with stronger communities are said to live longer.

the difficulty of thinking out how to pay for everything. It has similar cognitive impacts to Sudoku. No memory issues at all! God, please don’t let me forget. You can’t afford to have any more health problems.

the delight you experience when daydreaming of residing in a nation with socialised medicine. Laurie Colwin said, “Woe to those who obtain what they want. You also want your antidepressants to be less than $200 per month in price. Fortunately for you, that won’t take place. As a result, which is better, you get to maintain your fantasies.

the sum of money you shell out for medical care. You can’t use this money to go skydiving, which could result in your death.

The lessons you pick up while working at a desk at a job you can’t quit because it’s your sole source of health insurance. You just finished reading an interesting article on the long-term implications of spending more than five hours a day sitting down; engaging your mind is a terrific thing to do.

the rage aimed at each and every member of Congress who voted against reducing the price of prescription drugs. Now that you’re angry, you can go for a run. FTW for heart health.

not in a hospital bed, but time you get to spend with your families. because, despite the fact that no one understands why your urine is purple, you could not afford to spend the night at the hospital.

You’re sitting in a dim space because you have migraines. Cost-wise, an MRI is out of the question, yet you are preventing sunburns.

the calm you have when you stop reading the news because you are unable to learn that the pharmaceutical company that charges us $800 per month for cholesterol medication posted a $700 million profit for the most recent quarter. So good to disconnect!

the additional vegetables you consume because you always worry about getting sick since you can’t afford it.

you consume more water and baking soda. You’ll have to make do with home remedies because you can’t afford medicine. And no one has ever claimed that statins give you a new white gloss, but this one is reportedly fantastic for your teeth.

the additional sleep you obtain as a result of starting to take Tylenol PM for everything instead of seeking medical attention. At least you won’t be awake enough to notice if it doesn’t work.

the peace of mind that comes from knowing you don’t need to make any significant choices regarding your own health. There is no choice fatigue since you cannot afford any of the various solutions. Mitch McConnell, Big Pharma, and the FDA are all appreciated for making this possible. You’d really be, well, you’d be sick without you.

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