3 Ways Healthcare Professionals Can Incorporate Holistic Wellness Coaching Into Their Practice


The medical industry is seeing an increase in health coaching. It’s not only a vocation that exists on its own; you can integrate it into what you already do. Here are three methods for doing it.

Let your client know that they’re in the driver’s seat.

In order to identify long-term answers to persistent medical problems, health and wellness coaching employs talk therapy, clinical tactics, and holistic treatments as a kind of patient care.

Many people who seek out health and wellness coaching are dealing with concerns like stress management, weight loss, or the aftereffects of long-term medical conditions like diabetes or a heart attack.

Asking your patients open-ended questions will help you as a healthcare provider who incorporates holistic wellness coaching into your practise to better understand their key concerns and motivations for a lifestyle change. These queries might include:

  • What long-term outcomes do you hope to achieve in your quest for wellness?
  • Why have you made this decision to transform your life?
  • What is something you are unable to do right now that you would like to be able to do at the end of this journey?

These methods can help customers find the source of the issue and design a plan that is specific to their physical characteristics and stage of life.

Find your niche in holistic wellness coaching and become an expert at it.

There are numerous niches within holistic wellness coaching that you may adopt in your practise right now. Every healthcare practitioner has a certain area of knowledge that they can offer to their clients. To provide a more natural type of therapy for your patients, you can use a variety of holistic wellness coaching strategies, including nutrition, energy healing, herbal medicine, and lifestyle medicine.

When my primary care physician advised me that I needed to lower my cholesterol and lose weight to avoid having a heart attack by the time I turned 40, I became interested in holistic health and wellbeing.

My physician went on to prescribe me a pill to lower my cholesterol—one that would help me while I was taking it, but once I stopped taking it I would be back to where I started.

Thus began my independent research into holistic health and wellness. I discovered lasting solutions (intermittent fasting, cellular cleansing, adaptogens) that were unique to my body and my situation.

My doctor was astounded at how quickly I dropped the weight and reduced my cholesterol when I went back for my follow-up checkup. She then started researching the holistic wellness strategies I had used in my own life and recommended them to her other patients who were in a similar situation to me.

When analysing my customers’ conditions, I provide them the same holistic wellness coaching approaches that I used to improve my own personal health journey.

I’ve had the opportunity to specialise in this profession by serving as both a customer and a coach within it.

Establishing this level of credibility by combining your education and experience allows you to develop a deeper level of trust and empathy with your clients.

Build your brand for your area of practice.

You must position yourself as a healthcare expert who offers those services if you want to add holistic wellness coaching into your practise.

  • What medical issues are your clients dealing with?
  • What does their way of life entail?
  • What platforms do they use for social media?

Once you have a clear understanding of the people you wish to help, go to them. Getting clients to come to you and communicating the value of your service are both parts of holistic wellness coaching.

The client also saves money with health and wellness coaching. Holistic treatments, nutrition, and clinical interventions are all included in this type of healthcare. An individual can put their trust in a health and wellness coach to walk with them through each stage of the path rather than needing to see several specialists to make this life shift.

We are charged with the duty of offering our clients the best, most durable solutions that have the potential to improve their lives because we are the people entrusted with their life.

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