How To Increase Collagen Production And Make The Abdomen Skin Firmer?


Collagen is essential for the development and maintenance of all bodily tissues, and it has significant advantages for the skin, hair, nails, and joints1. It is normal for the body to experience changes throughout time that cause the skin’s collagen and elastin levels to drop. Cosmetic procedures can help to increase skin firmness.

Dermatologist Dr. Juliana Martins (CRM-PA 10187) explains that “The most appropriate aesthetic procedure for improving sagging skin is the application of a collagen biostimulator. The substance works by encouraging the skin itself to produce more of this fundamental protein for maintaining its firmness and health. It is a little painful procedure, non-surgical, performed through the injection of the collagen biostimulator in the skin”.

As we age, our bodies produce less collagen, which makes our skin more saggy. Sculptra®, made by the pharmaceutical company Galderma, increases the amount of type I collagen by up to 66.5% after three months of the first application2, gradually restoring firmness, support, and skin quality3, and best of all, it lasts up to two years 4. This helps to restore the body’s supply of this protein.

The Firm&Up Abs® method, for instance, was introduced at GAIN MAP, the largest private scientific symposium on aesthetics ever held. It includes injecting Sculptra® into the skin of the abdomen to correct sagging skin in the area.

“The objective of this procedure is to help restore the firmness of the place, providing an improvement in the quality of the skin and support. It is usually a very sought after procedure by post-pregnancy mothers and people who have lost a lot of weight”, comments Dr. Juliana Martins .

Both people who already have flaccid skin and those who want to prevent it can use Sculptra®. This is because Sculptra® can build a collagen bank, which can be used as a form of savings when the process of losing this protein starts.

“A patient who is already concerned with preventing flaccidity will feel a smaller impact on her body after pregnancy, for example, when preventively starting her collagen savings and strengthening her abdominal muscles through physical exercises”, completes the dermatologist.

Another advantage of the procedure with biostimulators is that, in addition to the abdomen, the treatment can be performed on other regions of the body and face. “It can be used in areas such as the sides of the face, neck, décolleté, arms, buttocks, knees and thighs, acting directly in the fight against sagging. through the Firm&Up Gluteos® application approach”, explains Juliana.

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