LEO Pharma Launches AD Days Around the World Campaign to Raise Awareness of the Impact of Atopic Dermatitis Across Cultures


Atopic dermatitis (AD), the most prevalent kind of eczema, is highlighted in AD Days Around the World, a global illness awareness campaign that was launched today by LEO Pharma, a pioneer in medical dermatology worldwide. The campaign offers true patient tales in partnership with patient advocacy organisations in France, Italy, Germany, and Spain in order to enlighten and educate people living with AD that there is hope to overcome adversity, despite typical everyday problems, regardless of nationality or culture.

The campaign stars global patient advocate Ashley Ann Lora, who makes trips from the United States to France, Italy, Germany, and Spain to meet with and record the inspiring tales of four women living with AD, each at a different stage of life: Marjolaine, Laura, Julia, and frica. The documentary-style videos, which feature in-depth interviews, show viewers what it’s like to live with and navigate the difficulties connected with AD and how each of these strong women has gradually achieved peace, joy, and empowerment. Both their shared wisdom and experiences serve as sources of inspiration.

“People don’t see eczema as a big deal, but it can cause so much suffering”, “My hope is that the experiences shared through these stories will help people living with AD feel seen, heard and connected to others around the world with this condition. I also hope these personal stories help others gain a better understanding of their own eczema and their relationship with this condition. People living with AD don’t have to suffer; there are resources to help manage the condition and ways to enjoy life alongside it.”

campaign features Global patient advocate Ashley Ann Lora


“Atopic dermatitis is about more than just skin, and you never know where you might find your healing. For me, discovering dance and movement therapy transformed the way I see my eczema and today is a very important part of how I manage my condition”, “It is not one size fits all and different things will work for different people. I hope that my story will help others battling with atopic dermatitis to find what works for them.”

Marjolaine, a patient advocate living in France

The campaign’s website, www.ADDaysAroundTheWorld.com, provides access to these motivational tales. Patients with AD can access information on local patient advocacy organisations in each nation, see the entire video series showcasing each patient advocate, learn more about AD, get a discussion guide to help them have better dialogues with their healthcare providers, and more.

“LEO Pharma is proud to have the opportunity to work with these inspiring patient advocates on AD Days Around the World. We know dermatology goes beyond the skin, and in our industry, we have the responsibility to see the whole patient when it comes to care”, “Our hope is that through this campaign, and the inspiring stories of África, Laura, Julia and Marjolaine, other people living with AD realize there is life beyond an AD diagnosis and resources available to help them manage their skin condition.”

Christophe Bourdon Chief Executive Officer, LEO Pharma A/S

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