Life365 Partners with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare to Empower Providers and Payors to Transition Care to Low-Cost Settings – Home


Life365, a Microsoft Partner and leading Virtual Care and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform, announced today the integration into Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, empowering Providers and Payors to connect and scale to larger patient populations in low-cost settings, typically at home.

With the transition to new Consumer-Directed and Value-Based Models of care, there is a need for healthcare enterprises to scale to a larger population of patients outside the traditional point of care in a connected and cost-effective manner, such as Hospital@Home. Traditional Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions today are used in a more reactive way, targeting high utilizers of healthcare resources after a patient starts spending healthcare dollars, because of equipment and distribution costs, as well as lack of integration and engagement. Healthcare enterprises find it incredibly difficult to extend their traditional care delivery into the home with these single-point “siloed / closed loop” solutions. Life365, along with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, removes these “Friction Points,” allowing healthcare enterprises to scale to larger populations seamlessly and cost-effectively in a more pro-active manner, heading off high utilization of healthcare resources and their associated costs.

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