Olympus Launches THUNDERBEAT Energy Device for Open Surgery


The THUNDERBEATTM Open Fine Jaw Type X surgical energy devices for open surgery have been made available, according to Olympus Corporation, a leading global provider of medical technology. The THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw Type X surgical energy instrument has a redesigned thermal shield that supports safer treatments. In Japan, the product is offered for sale commercially. The product is anticipated to go on sale in Europe, the United States, and South Korea in October 2022, with subsequent releases in more nations and regions.

This tool is a component of Olympus’ THUNDERBEAT line of hybrid energy devices that simultaneously deliver bipolar and ultrasonic energy for tissue manipulation in open surgery and laparoscopic surgery, including hemostatic cutting and dissection. The THUNDERBEAT hybrid devices reduce operating room efficiency and shorten procedure times by doing away with the requirement for several equipment.

“This latest addition to our differentiated THUNDERBEAT line of products continues to deliver on Olympus’ commitment to offering hospitals a full portfolio of Advanced Energy devices providing best-in-class functionality for numerous procedures and specialties in minimally invasive and open surgery”

Phil Roy, Global Vice President and General Manager of the Surgical Devices Business Unit

For open surgical operations requiring the delicate and fine tissue dissection necessary for thyroidectomy or radical neck dissection, such as these, the THUNDERBEATTM Open Fine Jaw Type X device was created. By enhancing the thermal profile on the grabbing surface, the novel thermal shield lowers the possibility of unintentional heat harm to adjacent tissue, nerves, and other structures. The jaw shape keeps the tip of the jaw delicately curled for accurate dissection and better visibility while in use.

  • Safer practises are supported by a new thermal shield.

The potential of unintentional heat damage to nearby tissue and blood vessels is decreased by the newly created thermal barrier at the distal tip, which inhibits heat transfer from the probe to the jaw’s external surface.

  • Distal Tip’s Fine Shape Supports Precise Procedures

The distal tip’s thin design supports precise tissue management abilities such as blunt dissection, cutting and sealing to the tip of the device, and fine dissection with firm grabbing power.

  • Multiple Operations Can Be Performed With One Device Thanks to the Simultaneous Output of Two Energies

Fast, hemostatic cutting, simple dissection, and dependable vessel sealing and division are all made possible by simultaneously delivering bipolar and ultrasonic energy. When needed, a different advanced bipolar function allows for vessel closing and spot coagulation without cutting.

A single-use hybrid ultrasonic and bipolar electrosurgical tool designed for open surgery is the THUNDERBEATTM Open Fine Jaw Type X device. Tubal coagulation or sterilisation treatments shouldn’t be performed using this instrument. To prevent potential patient harm from interference, use with caution in patients who have electronic implants, such as a heart pacemaker or nerve simulators. Read the product handbook carefully before using it, and operate the equipment as directed.

Olympus Medical Systems Corporation makes the THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw Type X instrument.

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