Ossur Acquires Naked Prosthetics


With effect from August 26, 2022, Ossur has acquired Naked Prosthetics, a leading supplier of functional, durable, and unique finger prostheses for finger and partial hand amputees. Each mechanical gadget is uniquely created to emulate the finger’s organic motion.

The acquisition meets a crucial need for patients who have lost some or all of their fingers and hands, a previously underserved but expanding demographic. It strengthens Ossur’s global upper limb product offering and enables Ossur to serve a larger number of amputees desiring to live a Life Without Limitations, therefore it is a welcome addition to the company’s product line-up.

The company is based in Olympia, Washington in the US and employs about 70 people. Sales for Naked Prosthetics totaled USD 9 million in 2021.

The acquisition won’t affect the financial projections made for the entire year.

“Naked Prosthetics has developed functional and high-quality finger prostheses that complement our product portfolio and add an important range to our upper limb product offering. The acquisition strengthens our global market position, and we are pleased to welcome the employees of Naked Prosthetics to the Össur team.”

Sveinn Sölvason, President and CEO of Össur


“Össur’s global reach and expertise make them an obvious and welcome next step for Naked Prosthetics’ goal of getting more finger amputees back to work and doing what they love. We are excited to join forces with the Össur team and continue to grow the partial-hand prosthetic market.”

Bob Thompson, CEO of Naked Prosthetics

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