Precision ADM Announces Strategic Partnership With Tecomet

strategic partnership
Precision ADM Announces Strategic Partnership With Tecomet

Tecomet, a world leader in the design, development, and production of components for the medical, aerospace, and defence industries, and Precision ADM, a prominent Canadian additive manufacturer, have formed a strategic alliance.

Precision ADM, a pioneer in additive and subtractive manufacturing for the industrial, aerospace, and medical markets, today announced that it has partnered with Tecomet on a strategic level to increase development and production opportunities in the additive and subtractive manufacturing field. The partnership will result in increased capabilities and capacity for each organisation while enabling Precision ADM and Tecomet to jointly leverage combined resources and expertise to shorten customers’ development timelines.

The cooperation will expressly permit the following:

  • Extension of Accuracy Millions of additively built implants and devices for the medical sector have been generated using ADM’s Advanced Digital ManufacturingTM (ADMTM) patented set of procedures.
  • Boosting capacity in titanium and 17-4 stainless steel while providing further process expertise into new material areas for Tecomet, such as IE Plastics, Nickel Allows, Aluminum, Cobalt Chrome, and
  • Scaling up the value chain for both firms’ additive and subtractive manufacturing
  • Strong link between quality systems to speed up validations
  • EOS metal additive platforms’ complementary strengths to accelerate development and production scaling

With the goal of reducing lead-time in the manufacturing process, this partnership will enable Tecomet to make use of the full range of its capabilities and combine them with Precision ADM’s knowledge and flexibility to keep up with the market’s swiftly shifting trends. From concept to production, this alliance will offer opportunities for advanced additive manufacturing.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Tecomet; an organization with a history of excellence that clearly values Precision ADM’s highly technical and advanced manufacturing processes and capabilities”, “Together with Tecomet, we will be able to offer clients shorter lead times and more efficient production with the same commitment to quality and manufacturing excellence for which we are both known. Our shared expertise and history in the medical device and aerospace industries leads to a naturally collaborative relationship. Precision ADM looks forward to a long and productive partnership with Tecomet.”

Martin Petrak, President & CEO, Precision ADM


“We are excited about the partnership with Precision ADM. This initiative aligns with our steadfast approach to add value for global customers and provide full-spectrum, scalable manufacturing solutions. With this agreement, our customers will find a further commitment to innovation and continue to partner with Tecomet and our legacy of manufacturing successes. This commitment to growth excites me and I know our organization will work diligently with the Precision ADM team to provide expanded additive based solutions to our valued customers going forward!”

Bill Dow, President & CEO, Tecomet.

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