PatientMetRx® Launches Patient Opinion Mapping for Fast, Accurate and Actionable Insights


PatientMetRx®, the only data insight service which captures how patients are responding to and experiencing their medicines, has introduced a new feature enabling healthcare marketeers to gain access to specific and accurate patient insights by medicine from publicly sourced posts.

Until now, healthcare brands and their creative agencies have relied upon manually extracting insights from patient reports on specific medicines – a process which is time-consuming and costly.

However, using AI-based technology, the Patient Opinion Map™ can now provide PatientMetRx® users with fast, accurate and actionable insights about a patient’s experience with a branded medicine. These insights are aimed at giving advertising agencies a competitive edge when it comes to audience insights for winning and retaining healthcare clients.

The Patient Opinion Map™ works by aggregating patient opinions on individual medicines from socially sourced posts. The PatientMetRx® platform displays these opinions on a dashboard in the form of a ‘node’ (network/data cluster) diagram that can be filtered by sentiment (positive or negative).

Opinions comprise a target (the medicine brand name) and an assessment (the adjective or word mentioned in relation to the target). For example, “Paracetamol seems to be helping pretty well so far but it’s fairly new for me” would sit within an assessment of “Helping”. The Patient Opinion Map™ displays the number of times this assessment appears within the given time period. The number of opinions displayed depend on numerous factors – including environmental influence, persona, regulatory status, therapy area, type of medicines and seasonal fluctuations.

Users can select an opinion group in PatientMetRx® to view all patient posts that mention this adjective or word and can also view entire social posts containing those opinions.

“From our many conversations with advertising agencies, we know that extracting meaningful patient insights to aid the creative process can be painfully time-consuming and unreliable. Our Patient Opinion Map™ is a direct response to that challenge. We’re confident that this new feature can drive efficiency of both time and money, helping ad agencies identify crucial creative nuggets for their campaigns, while also helping account management teams deliver more efficient tracking of patient experience for their clients.”

Nicola Johnson, Head of Commercial for Talking Medicines

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