Sanofi Global Health launches nonprofit Impact® brand for 30 medicines in low-income countries


Sanofi Global Health announced the introduction of Impact®, a new brand of Sanofi’s standard-of-care medications intended for charitable distribution to vulnerable populations in the world’s poorest nations.

The secure distribution of 30 Sanofi medications in 40 lower-income nations will be made possible by the Impact® brand, which also contains insulin, glibenclamide, and oxaliplatin among other medications. The drugs cover a wide range of treatment areas, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, tuberculosis, malaria, and cancer, and are regarded as essential by the World Health Organization.

The introduction of the Impact® brand is one of the actions taken since Sanofi Global Health was established last year. This nonprofit division of the company aims to improve access to healthcare by distributing medications and establishing and supporting regional healthcare systems in nations with among the lowest per capita GDPs. Sanofi Worldwide Health is the first and only global programme to offer access to such a wide range of medications in so many nations and across so many therapeutic areas, all while funding regional assistance programmes and fostering regional inclusive enterprises.

“At Sanofi, we believe we have a responsibility to make a difference for the health of those most in need, and we know we have the ability and the ambition to bring about lasting change. With critical medicines, relentless drive and impactful partnerships, we can take our innovation beyond the lab and use it to strengthen health systems and access to medicines for those most vulnerable communities of patients. Sanofi Global Health aims to improve the lives of millions of people who now cannot get the help they need. Sanofi’s renewed purpose is to chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives. And our quest to make life better for all people must include helping to provide better access to care and quality medicines for underserved populations.”

Paul Hudson, Chief Executive Officer, Sanofi

The business also announced the creation of an impact fund that will assist entrepreneurs and other creative thinkers who can offer scalable solutions for long-term healthcare in neglected areas. The fund will promote the GHU aim of leveraging global, regional, and local investment to support the training of healthcare professionals and assisting communities in managing sustainable care systems by offering inclusive enterprises financing and technical help. In order to successfully reach, treat, and manage patients’ health, Sanofi has gathered important global health players to explore how to develop end-to-end health initiatives that are anchored in the communities they serve.

“The launch of the Impact® brand and our Impact Fund are our latest steps to make our medicines available and to help bring quality, sustainable healthcare to people in the world’s poorest countries. But we know that we cannot do this alone, and so we are building partnerships at global, regional and local levels that will help to improve and establish health systems to reach our goal of a healthier, more resilient world.”

Jon Fairest, Head, Global Health Unit, Sanofi

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