Congenica Announces Partnership With Avesthagen


Congenica, a leader in diagnostic decision support for genomic data and a digital health company that enables precision medicine, today announces a partnership with Avesthagen, a leader in biotechnology that focuses on personalised, preventive, and predictive healthcare through the fusion of food, pharma, and population genetics.

Avesthagen’s Avgen Diagnostics, which offers whole genome and exome-based diagnostics for predictive and preventative healthcare throughout India, will now receive genomic analysis and reporting from Congenica thanks to its automated and AI-powered platform. Congenica enables Avesthagen’s customers to confidently and quickly evaluate next-generation sequencing data, minimising the load on healthcare systems and speeding up the time to diagnosis.

“Developing partnerships with like-minded leaders in their field around the globe is a core part of our strategy going forwards, with the aim of helping more people around the globe access precision medicine. We are delighted to be working with Avesthagen, supporting their wider portfolio with our powerful and scalable platform that will enable healthcare providers across India to benefit from the rapid transformation of data into actionable insights and improve patient outcomes.”

Willem Haagmans, Vice-President Sales EMEA at Congenica


“Congenica is the world’s leading software for the analysis, interpretation and reporting of genomic data and we are excited to enter this partnership with them. Their experience and success with national genome projects including Genomics England, and extensive work for the NHS, will help us to accelerate preventive and early diagnosis to deliver personalised medicine across India. Our new offering represents a paradigm shift in understanding disease and providing precise treatments and we’re looking forward to a successful future with Congenica as our partner.”

Dr Villoo Morawala Patell, Chairperson and Managing Director of Avesthagen and The Avestagenome ProjectR


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