DiRx and TSC Alliance® Partner to Bring Affordable Prescription Medicine to Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) Patients


Today, DiRx, a fast-growing digital pharmacy platform focused on generic medicine access and affordability, announced a new partnership with the TSC Alliance®, a nonprofit dedicated to finding a cure for tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) while improving the lives of those affected. TSC causes tumors to form in vital organs and is the leading genetic cause of epilepsy. Approximately 50,000 in the United States and 1 million worldwide have TSC.

DiRx will offer industry-lowest prices on generic medications commonly used by patients with TSC manifestations, including seizures. TSC patients with a valid U.S. prescription will be able to save as much as 79% over average retail on two commonly prescribed drugs for this condition, Everolimus and Sirolimus, and benefit from free U.S. shipping, with no insurance required.

“The TSC Alliance is pleased to partner with DiRx to make sure anyone affected by TSC has access to the medications they need”, “We are grateful to DiRx for helping those we serve get affordable prescriptions at discounted prices.”

Kari Luther Rosbeck, President & CEO


“The DiRx team is very happy to have enabled significant cost savings for TSC patients through its disruptive direct sourcing and direct fulfillment model that eliminates multiple supply chain layers. Depending on the specific product sku and dosage required, DiRx can enable savings of over $2,000 per month in certain cases. This partnership marks one more successful step in our goal of enabling prescription access and affordability for all Americans.”

Satish Srinivasan, DiRx Founder & CEO

In addition to these critical medications for TSC, DiRx carries more than 1,400 FDA-approved generic medicines with prices as low as $3 per month, including free shipping. Ordering medicine from DiRx does not require any pre-approvals or insurance. To help more consumers access essential medications, for a limited time, a 30-day supply (up to $100 per order) is also available for free for TSC patients, with code TSC30DAYS.

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